[ 25/12/2014 ]

Latest news! Happy x-mas and happy new year! We are releasing more software every day with the same passion of the first day. Thanks for downloading from us.

[ 18/07/2014 ]

We soon celebrate 1 year online! :)

[ 18/03/2014 ]

We are active! Although we don't make many releases, it's not all cracks or keygens. We have our forum and you can follow us there.

[ 05/12/2013 ]

We got 60 releases! Let's go to 70 releases. :)

[12/11/2013 News ]

Yea!! We got 50 releases! That's really great in 4 months we got 50 releases see you on the 60th release :)

[ 31/10/2013 News ]

Halloween Night! How scaring. Happy halloween for all of you :) An special tutorial for Halloween is on the forum check it out!!

[ 29/10/2013 News ]

Maybe you detected ads on the main web. Yes I put some. But I don't get any money of it, it's to get more disk space for free only putting ads. has free space each click of any ad. So please help us by clicking on some ads and when I get more space I will enable attachment and of course delete the ads.

If you don't truth me just use Adblock to block them, but I will not get more space and less benefits for you because uploading to an external server it's really boring and easily are removed.

Thanks a lot!

[ 23/10/2013 News ]

Yea! We got 40 releases! We are going to get the 50 releases in some months surely! Happy cracking. Thanks so much to all our team members.

[ 19/10/2013 News ]

Our team is going bigger with quality and totally FREE releases without any survey/advertisement. We work only for fun this is NOT a business.

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